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Andaz Press Rose Gold Champagne Copper Foil Fringe Pinata
INCLUDES: 1 rose gold fringe diamond pinata with string, designed by Andaz Press
DIMENSIONS: Fully assembled pinata measures 18-inches with 4 foot long string. Holds approx. 2 pounds of candy. Pinata ships flat. Easy assembly needed, instructions included. Pop out the pinata and hang.
PERFECT for decorating a dessert or gifts table at your baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday, or celebration!
Perfect Pinata Taco Supreme
EASY TO FILL - Find the attached ribbon, pull to open, and fill.
TWICE THE FILLING CAPACITY - Fits more candy, toys, and prizes.
STAYS ON ROPE / LASTS LONGER - Everyone gets a chance to hit it.
Ya Otta Pinata T-Rex
DIM: 22" x 7 1/2" x 10"
On each pinata there is a clear sticker labeled "Insert candy here."
Under that sticker and a layer of tissue, there is a pre-made hole. Press sticker or use scissors to create an opening.

Best pinatas

There are a lot of things that make a party fun, especially a children’s party. There is the bouncy house, the clown or magician, and many others, but a party is not really a party without a piñata. It is one of children’s favorite activities, and since that occurs after all the other activities, some of them cannot wait to break the piñata and go home with a lot of candy. It is easy to see why they are so excited. They get to have some fun, and at the end of it, they get a bunch of candy.

I remember when I had my first encounter with a piñata. It was my 10th birthday, and y parents did not even tell me that we had a pinata. Imagine my excitement when I saw the big red ball full of candy. The thing was that the pinata was not store-bought, but my mother made it. I do not know how she had the patience, but she did. Nowadays, you can find them everywhere, and they are not even that expensive.

Why you should buy and not make a pinata

While I appreciate my mother’s effort of building a piñata for me, I must say that it was gone pretty fast. She made it from cardboard, and while it was pretty rough, it broke pretty quickly. I remember this one kid who did not have the chance to a blow, and it was a very sad sight.

Pinatas are easy to make. With the right tools, you can do pretty much anything. However, my advice is to not start making one, especially if you are not that skilled. Instead, you should get one from the store. Here is why:

  • Pinatas are cheap – if you go to a store or you are searching for one online, you will see that pinatas come pretty cheap. With about $20 you can find a decent product, and for a few bucks more, you will buy an excellent one. Pinatas are not that special as they used to be, which is why they come so cheap.
  • The store-bought pinatas are more durable – the last thing you need at your kid’s party is to have one or more children who do not get their turn to hit the piñata. A piñata that is too shaky, so to speak, will not withstand multiple blows. A durable one will, however, and all the kids at the party will get their turn and try to break it. After all, that is the fun part. To see which kid manages to break the piñata.
  • You have more options – while I do not underestimate your abilities to make a piñata, I doubt that you have the skill and the experience to make a piñata in the shape of a unicorn or a dinosaur. Children have characters that they hold dear, and they want their piñata to be shaped as the said characters. To be honest, that is a bit contrary to their feelings. If they like it so much, why do they want to beat it up? Anyway, if your kid wants a dinosaur-shaped piñata, your chances of finding such are a product in a store are pretty high.
  • It saves you time – even if you know how to make a piñata from scratch, why do that? It takes a lot of your time, and it is not like you have too much of it. After all, you have a children’s party to put together, and that should take about your entire time. Do yourself a service and go for a store-bought piñata.

How to choose the best piñata?

Going to the store and buying a piñata is not tricky, but your chances of finding something that your kid will like increase considerably if you go online. The offer is more significant. Like way more significant. However, you need to know what you are buying, which is why you should use some criteria upon which you base your decision. With that being said, here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you buy a piñata online.

Is this what my child wants?

While there is a vast variety of pinatas online, if your child likes a particular cartoon character and he wants it, you may or may not find it. A trick that usually works is to talk your child out of wanting a specific piñata. For example, let’s say that your kid likes Tom and Jerry and he or she wants a piñata shaped as Jerry. If you cannot find it, explain to him/her that beating Jerry is not the best choice. If he/she loves that character so much, why does he/she wants to tear it apart? The trick usually works.

How big is the piñata?

Not all pinatas are the same size. Depending on how many children come to the party, you need to select the right size. One that is too small will leave the kids upset, while one that is too big will create little monsters that are hopped-up on sugar. You may get a lot of angry calls later. The bogger the piñata, the more candy will fit in it. The point is that you should count the number of kids to see how many are coming, and then pick a piñata that can accommodate the right amount of candy for all of them.

Is it durable?

I guess you know how the game goes. The kids form a line, you give them a stick, and then they take their turn to hit the piñata. If the first one or the second hits the piñata hard enough, the piñata will shatter, and the candy will fall out. Kids are pretty strong when they motivated. The first reaction is a joyous one. The children will rush to gather as much candy as possible. However, when things settle down a bit, they will start regretting the fact that they did not have a chance at a hit. That is why a durable piñata is a must. You cannot really tell just by looking at it, but if you make a purchase over the internet, you can read pinatas reviews online just to see what other parents have to say about the product you want. After all, you are not the first one to buy it.

Is it easy to fill with candy?

If you have laid your eyes on a particular product, you may want to check and see if the opening through which you need to insert the candy is big enough for you to not struggle too much. I do not think you want to spend half an hour putting candy in a piñata, do you?

What are the best pinatas?

Now that you have all the information you need on how to choose the best piñata, you can move on and actually do it. Since there are so many models out there, I think you can manage it just fine. If not, you can choose one of the models I picked out. All three of them are more than satisfactory.

Andaz Press Rose Gold Champagne Copper Foil Fringe Pinata

Click here to buy it on Amazon

If you are throwing a birthday party for your daughter, then this piñata is a great product. You can build an entire theme around it. The piñata is shaped like a diamond, and you can match it with party signs, lanterns, and tableware. It gives the party a glamorous vibe, and I think both you and your child will like it. The package you receive consists of one rose gold fringe diamond piñata with string designed by Andaz Press. If you do not know, the manufacturer has other designs as well.

As for the measurements of this piñata, I think you will be satisfied. When it is fully assembled, the piñata measures 18 inches in height. The string is 4 feet in length so that you have the freedom of hanging it wherever you have the possibility. The string is durable so that it will not break before the piñata does. The piñata is durable as well so that all the children at the party have a chance at hitting it.

The Andaz Press rose gold piñata can hold about 2 pounds of candy, which should be more than enough for a medium party. The opening you use to insert the candy is big enough so that you do not spend too much time doing it. When you receive the piñata, the product is flat, but assembly is easy to achieve, and the manufacturer added an instructions manual so that you cannot mess it up.

Perfect Pinata Taco Supreme

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This time, the piñata is a bit larger than the previous one, but I think you will enjoy it. It is suitable not only for children’s parties but for fiestas and company parties as well. Just as the title suggests, it is shaped like a taco, and it is beautifully designed. I am sure that you will like it just as much as the thousands of people who have already bought it.

This piñata is constructed out of the best materials. It is made in the US with high-quality and durable cardboard. It has a maximum capacity of 5 pounds of candy, which I think is more than enough for a large party. As for the opening, this piñata has a ribbon that if you pull, the piñata will open and you will be able to insert the candy. The hole is large enough so that it does not take you long to complete the process.

One of the best things about this piñata is that it has a sturdy construction. It will not break as fast as other models. However, that is a very good thing since everyone will have a chance to hit it and everyone is happy.

Ya Otta Pinata T-Rex

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Last but not least, the Ya Otta Pinata is yet another product that your kid may like, especially if he or she is into dinosaurs. This model is shaped like a T-Rex, just as the title suggests, and the kids will have a lot of fun hitting it. It measures 22 inches by 7.5 by 10 inches, which is big enough to hold approximately 2 pounds of candy.

The candy is easy to insert in this piñata. All Ya Otta pinatas have a clear sticker on which it says ‘insert candy here.’ The opening is big enough so that you fill the piñata fast and easy. However, make sure that you use scissors to make the opening. You do not have to cut the piñata itself. Under the clear sticker and another layer, there is a pre-made hole. Use the scissors to press down and create the opening.

The Ya Otta piñata is very strong and made of the best materials. It is tough enough to withstand enough blows so that everyone gets a chance to hit it. The kids will not be disappointed. The included hang loop at the top of the piñata will make sure that the product stays up until it is torn apart.

My recommendation

I think that all three pinatas are excellent products and can provide your kids with a lot of fun. However, if I had to choose one, I would go with the Ya Otta Pinata T-Rex. Since it is a T-Rex we are talking about, kids are more likely to enjoy it. The strong and durable construction make this item one of the best pinatas the internet has to offer.


There is a lot of energy going into planning a party, and I am sure you can agree. I hope that I could help with the piñata at least. As for the rest, you are on your own. I am sure that no matter which piñata you choose, the kids will be delighted. Click here to buy on Amazon

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